The Pitfalls of a New Series

I’m writing three series at once. Yes, its a bit crazy in in my head. But it’s okay, I need to write different series so I don’t get tired of my Redwood Pack. As a reader, I love when an author I like has a new series out that I can start. To me, that means more reading. To others, that means that the book they want will come out later then they want.

That’s a pitfall.

People want their books NOW. Yes, I’m a reader, I want some of my books NOW. Sometimes you feel like the author is betraying you for writing another series rather than writing the book that YOU want. But then you read that new series and want the second book of THAT series.

It’s a cycle,

But as an author, you worry about sales too. The first book in your new series isn’t going to go as well as your other books in your old series.

That’s a pitfall.

Your other series has been out longer, has more books in it, more reviews, and has been seen by more people. Unless you’re Nora Roberts, your newer series is going to take awhile to lead up to where you are in your old series…if you ever get there.

Another pitfall.

Honestly, you’re going to have to wait until book 2 for your series to pick up. People like reading series books. They freaking love it. You may tell people that there are more books coming, but until they can read 2, 3, 4 in a row…they might not want to start the series.

It’s a waiting game. You need to write and not stress. Stop laughing at me, Lia.  Yes, I’m stressing. It’s what I do. Stress sparks fear and fear drowns out my writing.

Writing a new series is exhilarating.  But asking readers to take a chance on you and actually read it? Yeah, that provides ulcers.

Carrie Ann

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