September 19th, 2014

Cover Reveal: Exquisite Danger by Ann Mayburn

Cover Reveal!: For all you Smoke and Swan lovers…Exquisite Danger, Iron Horse MC book 2 by Ann Mayburn. Details forthcoming. Enjoy.

Exquisite Danger Cover vFinal 72dpi

September 16th, 2014

Backlist Spotlight: Ink Inspired by Carrie Ann Ryan


InkInspired72Welcome to Fated Desires! Have you tried out some of our favorite romances? To celebrate our 2 year anniversary, we’re doing a backlist spotlight of some of our titles!

Ink Inspired

Author: Carrie Ann Ryan

Series: Montgomery Ink Book 0.5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Level: 4 Flames

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Audio:  Audible │ Amazon │ iTunes

Shepard Montgomery loves the feel of a needle in his hands, the ink that he lays on another, and the thrill he gets when his art is finished, appreciated, and loved. At least that’s the way it used to be. Now he’s struggling to figure out why he’s a tattoo artist at all as he wades through the college frat boys and tourists who just want a thrill, not a permanent reminder of their trip. Once he sees the Ice Princess walk through Midnight Ink’s doors though, he knows he might just have found the inspiration he needs.

Shea Little has spent her life listening to her family’s desires. She went to the best schools, participated in the most proper of social events, and almost married the man her family wanted for her. When she ran from that and found a job she actually likes, she thought she’d rebelled enough. Now though, she wants one more thing—only Shepard stands in the way. She’ll not only have to let him learn more about her in order to get inked, but find out what it means to be truly free.

September 12th, 2014

Backlist Spotlight: Secrets of the Night by Virginia Cavanaugh


Welcome to Fated Desires! Have you tried out some of our favorite romances? To celebrate our 2 year anniversary, we’re doing a backlist spotlight of some of our titles!

Secrets of Night

Author: Virginia Cavanaugh

Series: Order of Night Book 1

Genre: Fantasy

Heat Level: 3 Flames

Available DigitallyAmazon │ B&N │ ARe

When the tenuous peace between the sorceresses, vampires and shape-shifters is shattered, Kierra, sorceress senator for the Order of Night takes it into her own hands to discover the reasons why.

As the vampire member of the triad for the Order of Night, Kale is no stranger to war, but isn’t eager to battle anew without cause. His investigation into the allegations that the shape-shifters are the breakers of the peace treaty are thrown askew when the woman who has haunted his lusty dreams is found doing recon of her own.

As the body count rises and more women disappear, Kierra and Kale race against the clock to uncover the secrets the shape-shifters are keeping. Imminent war and forbidden attraction threaten to implode their progress, while Kierra’s secrets may very well tip the scales of power.

September 9th, 2014

New Release: Good to Go Boxset by Marie Harte

Good to Go-3dbox-highresGood to Go Boxset

Author: Marie Harte

Series: Good to Go

Genre: Paranormal RomanceMilitary Romance

Heat Level: 5 Flames

Digital:  Kindle │ Nook │ ARe │ Kobo │ iBooks

Print:  Amazon 

Marines are always faithful, and they get the job done. Three men with women on their minds, in their hearts and in their souls, have to come to grips with a reality that’s far from perfect. Issues of trust, loyalty, and sacrifice are constant complications in a job where duty to Corps and country often have to come first. But for these Marines in love, they’ll move mountains to prove their faithfulness and dedication are true. They won’t stop until they get their women, until they’re Good to Go.

In A Major Attraction, Major Kyle Waters returns from a deployment and wakes up with his arms full of Olivia Cava—the woman he’s been fantasizing about for months. But will his past resurrect issues of jealousy and ruin their growing love?

In A Major Seduction, Maria Thompson has been after her best friend’s older brother since she first knew boys existed. But after years of trying and failing, she’s giving up. Except now Major Mike Cava has realized Maria is all grown up. She’s the sexy woman of his dreams, and hopefully, his future.

And in A Major Distraction, Major Brad Cava accidentally put on a sexy show for his neighbor—the gorgeous—and annoying—Genevieve, a civilian he’s forced to work with. The show flames the sparks already between them, and soon he’s falling in love. Then rumors at work breach their fragile trust. Will Brad believe in love, or succumb to his past and believe in the lies?

September 4th, 2014

September Fated Desires Releases

September at Fated Desires!

ArtemisHunt72 (1)Artemis’s Hunt by Lia Davis, Now Available
Sons of War Series, Book 2.5
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Amazon UK:


Good to Go-3dbox-highresGood To Go Box Set by Marie Harte, Releases Sept 9th

The complete set of this sexy, military romance series.
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September 2nd, 2014

New Release: Artemis’s Hunt by Lia Davis

ArtemisHunt72 (1)Artemis’s Hunt

Author: Lia Davis

Series: Sons of War Book 2.5

Genre: FantasyParanormal

Heat Level: 4 Flames

Digital:  Amazon │ Barnes & Noble │ ARe │ Kobo │ iTunes

Artemis, goddess of the hunt, has lived with heartache for the last fifteen hundred years, believing her only love is dead. That’s what her father—Zeus, king of the gods—told her. After recent events brought the truth to light, Artemis must gather the courage to face her lost love again.

Evangelos, former god of messengers, was content living in the mortal world until he discovered he has a daughter and her mother is Artemis. When the goddess shows up at his place of employment with tales of renewing his god status, he’s skeptical. Zeus wouldn’t reverse the curse out of the goodness of his heart. There is always a catch. The god king wants something in return.

When Artemis explains she has to hunt down her stepmother, Hera, in order to get Evan back into Zeus’s good graces, Evan demands to accompany her. However, the journey turns out to be a test that could bring them closer together or tear them apart forever.

August 26th, 2014

New Release: Redwood Pack Volume 6 by Carrie Ann Ryan

RedwoodPackVol6_72Redwood Pack Volume 6

Redwood Pack Vol 6 contains the seventh book in the Redwood Pack series and a special novella in print and digital form.

Digital:  Amazon │ Barnes & Noble │ ARe │ Kobo │ iTunes

Print:  Amazon

Fighting Fate (Redwood Pack Book 7)

With her blue-black hair and striking green eyes, Cailin Jamenson is the epitome of beauty and the exemplar of strength. She has fought the enforced boundaries of being the lone Jamenson daughter and Redwood Pack princess, but it is the potential future with the dark wolf in her path that threatens everything she thought she desired.

Logan Anderson’s own darkness provided the reasoning for his abandonment of his former Pack, the Talons. Now, newly accepted into the Redwood Pack, this jade-eyed wolf and all she represents could be his own undoing.

In this final installment of the Redwood Pack, unimaginable tragedy strikes, and the two wolves who have fought the longest for their independence now face the uncertainty of fate and the epic battle that could end the war… and their lives.

Loving the Omega (Redwood Pack Book 7.5)

Maddox Jamenson almost lost his mate before he knew she existed, but his life is now exactly how he’d dreamed it. The war with the Centrals is over, and his family is healing one day at a time. Ellie is reveling in the simple perfection that is her life and family now, but that doesn’t mean she can shed the self-doubts and concerns that come with being a new mother, mate, and Redwood.

When a disturbance in their quiet life threatens to ruin everything they’ve fought for, Maddox and Ellie will have to learn not only to rely on each other more than ever, but find within themselves the power to forgive.

Author’s Note: This is a novella set after book 7 to give you a taste of Maddox and Ellie. It is best that you have already immersed yourselves in the Redwood Pack world, however even new readers will enjoy a glimpse of one of the Redwood’s favorite couples.

August 20th, 2014

Backlist Spotlight: Shaken by Heather Long


Welcome to Fated Desires! Have you tried out some of our favorite romances? To celebrate our 2 year anniversary, we’re doing a backlist spotlight of some of our titles!


Author: Heather Long

Series: The Martini Sisterhood Book 1

Available Digitally: Amazon │ B&N │ ARe │ Kobo


The Martini Sisterhood—five women bonded by the ties of friendship, supporting each other through challenges of surviving love, and loss. For these women, life can change on a whimsical dare and a magic eight ball…

She’s good at sorting out professional messes…

Accountant Zip Collins spends so much time on spreadsheets that’s she’s forgotten what it’s like to be between the sheets. During her weekly cocktail hour with the girls, they consult a Magic Eight Ball about her crush on bartender Tony. When the toy advises her to go for it, Zip dares to color outside the lines and go after the man who heats her dreams…

He’s in the middle of a personal trial…

Tony Giordano enjoys Friday nights above all others, because it’s the one night a week he’s sure to see the sexy accountant and her friends. Having long since resigned Zip to the look, but don’t touch category, he’s blown away by her invitation. Tony’s always been a planner but with his custody battle looming, he’s not prepared for the effect she has on him…

One night leaves them both shaken…

What began as a whimsical dare quickly turns passionate, but is an unquenchable desire—and a Magic Eight Ball’s advice—enough for these two planners to risk happily ever after on?