February 24th, 2015

New Release: If You Can’t Stand the Heat by Taryn Kincaid

If-You-Can’t-Stand-The-Heat432x648If You Can’t Stand the Heat

Author: Taryn Kincaid

Series: Singles Title

Genre: Contemporary RomanceFoodie

Line: Give Me A Taste

Heat Level: 4 Flames


Derek Dunne is a Cordon Bleu-trained food critic for the prestigious New York Monitor, whose scathing review of a popular Italian bistro has driven away all but the most loyal neighborhood patrons.

Lucrezia Serafina DiCicco is a clumsy business school drop-out, working as a chef and scrambling to keep her family’s restaurant afloat, after her father develops diabetes and is banned from his kitchen for his own good.


Now, with The Monitor folding, Derek is searching for his next career path and longing to get back to his first love—cooking—while Lu is desperate for an influx of cash to save the struggling restaurant even as her father puts his foot down regarding non-family employees.


Derek and Lu embark on a marriage of inconvenience to save the restaurant. But can Lu ever really trust the man who nearly destroyed her family and once noted her initials spelled “LSD” and her food was like a “bad trip?”


Or will it be their hearts on the chopping block?

February 18th, 2015

Tempting Signs Reading Order


Tempting Signs FullAries: Lust Actually by Heather Long
Taurus: Forever Devoted by Virginia Nelson
Gemini: Gemini Rising by Ranae Rose
Cancer: Finally Found You by Carrie Ann Ryan
Leo: Before the Rain by JoAnne Kenrick
Virgo: Under the Lights by Rebecca Royce
Libra: All’s Fair by Kate Richards
Scorpio: Dark Sky by Katalina Leon
Sagittarius: Into the Night by Virginia Cavanaugh 
Capricorn: Her Captain by Taryn Kincaid
Aquarius: Buried by Cassandra Carr
Pisces: Once Upon a Fantasy by Lia Davis

February 17th, 2015

New Release: A Shadow’s Embrace by Cara Carnes

AShadowsEmbraceA Shadow’s Embrace

Author: Cara Carnes

Series: Indigo Shadows

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Line: On the Run

Heat Level: 4 Flames

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On the run from evil, her only hope is the Shadows.

Devyn James escaped hell once. Kidnapped from foster care at seven and raised in a psychic genetics testing facility, she survived by hiding her ability. A rare technopath, she eventually broke out of the facility with the help of the Shadow Elites—General Conver’s super soldiers, who rebelled and now fought to protect psychically enhanced humans. Determined to help the cause, she formed Indigo Order—a foundation focused on providing food, shelter, medicine, training and support for the displaced lower level psychics, especially the children tossed to the streets by Conver years ago.

For the past few months Devyn, or Indy as she’s known on the street, has covertly passed intel to the SEO. Even though the street doesn’t trust the Shadows, she does. They rescued her once and she knows they’re the only ones who will be able to save her from Conver and figure out what she uncovered.

Dagan is determined to save the female being chased by Conver and his squadron. He soon discovers her identity and vows he’ll do anything to keep her protected—even if it’s from herself. But the sultry female proves to be a handful when her team is in the crosshairs. When one of them is captured, he must prove she can trust him and all he offers, even though he may not believe someone as good as her should be with a Shadow.

Together they discover everything is possible when you trust A Shadow’s Embrace.

February 17th, 2015

Release Day: Tattered Loyalties by Carrie Ann Ryan

Tattered Loyalties

Talon Pack, Book 1/Redwood Pack, Book 9

The Redwood Pack Princess meets her mate…the Talon Alpha. 

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When the great war between the Redwoods and the Centrals occurred three decades ago, the Talon Pack risked their lives for the side of good. After tragedy struck, Gideon Brentwood became the Alpha of the Talons. But the Pack’s stability is threatened, and he’s forced to take mate—only the one fate puts in his path is the woman he shouldn’t want.

Though the daughter of the Redwood Pack’s Beta, Brie Jamenson has known peace for most of her life. When she finds the man who could be her mate, she’s shocked to discover Gideon is the Alpha wolf of the Talon Pack. As a submissive, her strength lies in her heart, not her claws. But if her new Pack disagrees or disapproves, the consequences could be fatal.

As the worlds Brie and Gideon have always known begin to shift, they must face their challenges together in order to help their Pack and seal their bond. But when the Pack is threatened from the inside, Gideon doesn’t know who he can trust and Brie’s life could be forfeit in the crossfire. It will take the strength of an Alpha and the courage of his mate to realize where true loyalties lie.

February 10th, 2015

New Release: FINDING LOST by Deena Remiel

FindingLostFinding Lost

Author: Deena Remiel

Series: Singles Title

Genre: ContemporarySuspense

Line: On the Run

Heat Level: 3 Flames

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo Google Play | AReFated Desires

How could anyone be miserable in paradise? Carrie Samuels could write a book about it. Far away from her family and friends, she’s fled to Isla Mujéres hoping to escape a relentless stalker who knew how to torment and leave no calaling card. What started out as a short-term solution has turned into a long-term jail sentence on a tropical island.

Painfully handsome, with a killer smile and well-hewn body, Dillon McMahon left his past behind and plans to spend the rest of his life off the grid on Isla Mujéres, the perfect place to dig in. Living next door to a sexy, quirky, and mysterious woman makes it all the sweeter.

When Carrie and Dillon’s pasts collide with the present, it threatens their budding relationship and sends them into a maelstrom of danger, abduction, and attempted murder. Sometimes, no matter how far you run, you just can’t hide.

January 31st, 2015

Before the Rain – Leo – by JoAnne Kenrick

Before the Rain by JoAnne Kenrick

LEO, Tempting Signs Series, Coming July 21st, 2015

Add it to your GoodReads Shelves Now http://bit.ly/1wSs0qX

12 Authors. 12 Signs. 1 Explosive Series. Be prepared starting in March 2015 with Aries for the Signs of the Zodiac to lead the way to love in the emotional contemporary series.






January 27th, 2015

New Release: Hoodoo Blue by Katalina Leon

Hoodoo-Blue-432x648Hoodoo Blue

Author: Katalina Leon

Series: Magic & Mayhem Book 1

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Line: The Set Up

Heat Level: 4 Flames

Amazon Barnes & Noble iBooks | Kobo Google Play AReFated Desires

Fredi is a passionate witch with a scorching hot secret. Every time she has a sexual thought, green fire blasts from her fingertips. Gus is a gorgeous lycan who scares women away with his wild wolf-shifts. Not the best way to find relationships.

Both have vowed not to date until they get themselves under control, but a witchy friend thinks differently. The pair get tricked into sharing a frosty pitcher of “Hoodoo Blue” and fall prey to a wayward love potion that has them blurting out every lustful thought. Worse, it won’t allow them to walk away from each other. They’re stuck together until dawn under the devilish effects of a time-released hoodoo that makes them do outrageous things. For everyone’s safety, Fredi is forced to take Gus home and tie him to her headboard and only some very witchy lovemaking can calm the storm.

Fredi and Gus might find themselves on the set-up date from hell, but even a hilarious cascade of disasters can’t keep a plus-sized blonde witch with attitude, and a hunky lumberjack of a lycan from seeing the other would be the perfect mate.

January 26th, 2015

Finally Found You – Cancer – by Carrie Ann Ryan

Finally Found You by Carrie Ann Ryan

CANCER, Tempting Signs Series, Coming June 23rd, 2015

The moment Presley Mackenzie walks into her kitchen only to find her boyfriend in a sweaty encounter with another woman on her kitchen counter, she vows to give up men forever. Between her testosterone-heavy day job, her broken heart, and her need to grow into her shoes, dating just isn’t important.

Mason Sutton not only just got dumped by the woman he thought he’d spend the rest of his life with, but now he finds himself healing the woman his brother cheated on. He’s spent his entire life living in his brother’s shadow only to find himself wanting the one woman he can’t have.

As Presley and Mason soothe each other’s hurts, they find themselves falling for each other even as they fight it. But as they learn to forgive and fall in love, their pasts come back to haunt them and the future they thought they could have starts to crumble before it can take hold.

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12 Authors. 12 Signs. 1 Explosive Series. Be prepared starting in March 2015 with Aries for the Signs of the Zodiac to lead the way to love in the emotional contemporary series.