Fated Desires Publishing is open for general submissions in all sub-genres of romance and erotic romance. You can find all of our specific submissions calls for 2014 here and our Special Lines here.

General Submission Guidelines:

We do accept more than one manuscript from an author at a time. However, we accept only one manuscript at a time per author per series. We do take simultaneous submissions, however you need to inform us of this.

Word count is 20k-100k. Other word counts will be taken into consideration under special circumstances. Our Special lines are limited in word count. Please look at their specific guidelines here.

Your voice, technique, plot, and general feel will help lead to our submission decision.

Fated Desires Publishing does not accept submissions that contain illegal sexual acts, bestiality (including un-shifted/shifted shapeshifter combinations), incest, pedophilia, glorified racial intolerance, necrophilia, or graphic rape for purposes of titillation – if it is an integral part of the story and not posed in a positive light it may be considered. Romance submissions can be sweet to smoking hot. Sexual or sensual scenes should enhance, not be, the story.

Please see the FAQs if you have other questions.

If you wish to submit your story to us, please send an email to the following address: with the subject line: SUBMISSION REQUEST.

In order to be considered, you must have a finished manuscript. When you send your email, please include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Title of Work
  • Line (if applicable)
  • Genre of Work
  • Series Name (if applicable)
  • If it’s a series: Your Series Plan
  • Word Count
  • Blurb ie Back Cover Copy
  • 2-5 page Summary. Please send as .doc or .rtf format. Use 12 pt Times New Roman. Double Spaced. First line indent.
  • Other Published Works

When we receive these we may ask for a partial manuscript (first 20-30 pages) or your full manuscript for consideration or ask for it as well as send a contract for you to be published. When asked, please send as .doc or .rtf format. Use 12 pt Times New Roman. Double Spaced. First line indent. Do not send your partial or full manuscript until asked please.